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Main functions

Nexplant QMS Base (Framework)

Utility for system quality maintenance and management (product integration, User authorization, etc.).

Framework utility provided
Data processing utility provided
Data collection related middleware provided
Customization function plug-in module provided

Nexplant QMS STAT (Statistical)

Engineering based statistical analysis tool (ANOVA, Taguchi, correlation, descriptive, etc.).

Data manipulation provided
User graph module provided
Excel export/import provided
Data analysis project management function provided
Interface provided which enables the import of external module data

Nexplant QMS TEST

Large-capacity data analysis tool specialized for the semiconductor industry.

Automatic download of a test program after receiving information from MES (TAMS)
Error path and alarm notification in case of an abnormal situation are provided by monitoring test result in real-time
Real time data collection
Stand-by or pause of tester
Tester/prober/handler event entry
Prober re-test control

Nexplant QMS DMS

Defect monitoring and management tool of subtle and repetitive processes in semiconductor, FPD, and PCB industries.

Equipment and standardized data collection
Vision data analysis & auto linked image analysis
Pattern recognition with repetitive particle
Identify overlapping defects

Nexplant QMS SPC

Statistical process management tool.

X-Bar chart, range chart, and various SPC management functionalities are basically provided
Data management of control limit for each chart
Control recommended by system can be drawn or registered in the system
Automated Spec Mgt. and detailed SPC monitoring possible through structured data


Equipment parameter capacity managment tool.

Golden recipe and equipment recipe management and automatic download
Change management based on auto CCS (Change check system)
OEE linkage analysis provided (Parameter monitoring, etc.)
Interlock provided related to production changes
Interlock of alarm monitoring and repetitive alarm of equipment