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Main functions

Process Modeling

- High readability of implemented process model in compliance with EIP (Enterprise Integration Pattern), and complex data can be transformed by using Map Editor.
- Debugging is possible within Process Modeler, and Service deployment function is provided.


- Service Registry Management
- Service Flow, Session & Channel list Monitoring and Management
- Break Point Management for Service Unit Test
- Report related to Service execution result is provided and respective execution history log is created and managed accordingly.

Message Management

- Message Transformation & Message Enhancement and Message Routing function in various formats are provided.

Service Management

- Service Mapping – Implemented Services are bound as Business Service, Location & Data Format information related to - Business Service are provided.
- Service Orchestration – Various Implementation Services are combined and provided as a new Business Service.

Protocol Transformation

- To ensure Protocol Communication between Service Provider and Service Consumer, Protocol Transformation function is provided based on various Binding Components (Adaptor).

Transaction Management

- Transaction of Business Service provided.


- Function provided to protect Business Services (Unauthorized access, etc.).