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CEO Message

Innovation for your success. Experience the Difference.

Since its establishment in 1999, Miracom has served customers all around the world to achieve their business goals with its continuous technology innovation, the stable operation capability of ICT system and the leading smart factory solutions.

Our goal is very clear. We aim to grow together with customers, shareholders and employees by
: creating satisfactory service experiences for customers, delivering sustainable business results and trust to shareholders and enabling our employees to be confident and proud with Miracom.
We have been doing our best to achieve this goal.

In today's globally connected, cloud based business environments, Miracom's developers and industry experts are looking for the way to create a new customer value by providing automated & intelligent - AI based - work environments collected through various sensors and customer touch points.

Miracom strictly abides by domestic and international regulations & laws and will fulfill the social responsibly as a trustworthy leading ICT company. We would appreciate your further attention and support in the coming decades.

Thank you.

Miracom CEO Eunggi Min