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Miracom CI The Future(Mirae, 未來) by Commitment, Competitiveness and Communication


is a condensed combination of the words "Mirae" (Korean expression for 'Future'), Commitment, Competitiveness, and Communication. It shall reflect our dedication to build the future (Mirae) as a leading ICT solution/service provider, our promise to customers for passion and innovation (Commitment), competitive advantage through continuous development of technical capabilities (Competitiveness), and the purposeful activity of information exchange (Communication).

Customer - Promise for infinite passion and dedication, Market - Consistency Talent development Competency Competitive Advantage, Company - Growing together through efficient communication & collaboration. Miracom Leading Technology Group

The horizontal line shows the horizon, the red arch shall symbolize the rising sun, and the phrase "Leading Technology Group" represents our dedication for progress, trust and hope.

Terms of use

When using the Miracom CI, the color form or characters of the Miracom's CI form should not be altered in any way. Please download the file on our website in order to prevent the deformation during usage.

Color usage

Miracom's CI is using the two color tones shown below.

CI Color usage, Red-c:0%, M:100%, Y:100%, K:0%. Black-C:0%, M:0%, Y:0%, K:100%