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HR Policy

  • Entry Level / Experienced New Recruits Introductory Training

    Sharing core values, the basics of company life, business manner, communication, team building (outdoor activities) etc. basic quality education for entry level recruits

    Company vision and business strategies, understanding the company culture, time management, leadership, special introductory lectures etc. intermediary manager-level experienced recruits education

  • Online Education (Online Training Institute)

    Learning system on the e-Campus that employees can use 24/7 to continue learning

  • Outside Training (Group Training)

    Learning system for improving work capability and gaining expertise

  • Promoted Employees Training

    Promotion education on self- innovation, change-driving leadership, empowerment etc. for promoted employees

  • Mentor / Mentee Program

    Fast adoption to work and gaining capabilities as well as providing opportunities and personal network building through 1:1 mentor assignment

  • Prospective New Recruits Training

    IT basic curriculum 4 weeks prior to employment (Multi-campus /Group process)

  • IT / Job Related Competency Strengthening Training

    SW technology and job related competency strengthening in order to grow as an ICT expert group

  • Technology Intensive Training

    3 months long IT intensive training course in blended (on & offline) format

    Specialization skills courses on finance, SAP, infrastructure, etc.

  • Fostering In-House Instructors

    Fostering in-house instructors for basic quality education lectures, pre-employment IT lectures, and field education consultant activities

  • Field Training

    Field custom training, organization seminar, team / group level self-study group activities support

  • Hierarchical Leadership Training

    Leadership, communication, coaching, achievement management, creativity boost etc. HRD training (quarterly)