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Corporate Life

Diverse positions are offered at Miracom

ICT Development & Management
  • ICT System Analysis

    Define and specify clients' functional and nonfunctional demands and compile the optimum system requirement specification to assure system quality

  • ICT Service Analysis

    Analyze/specify and systemize the demands received from clients in order to manage the system

  • Embedded SW Development

    Product SW architecture, development and management, supervise quality assurance and building test automation, as well as supporting the building and maintenance of the infrastructure in the fields of product embedded SW and product linkage (service) SW

  • Application Development

    Using the modeling technology based on the system analysis results and defined SW architecture to plan and develop/test/integrate the SW

  • Application Management

    Conduct program development and alteration to improve system quality and function in order to provide stabilized service for client business system

  • Server Management

    Establish and execute plans for server infrastructure architecture, introduction, construction, management and improvement to provide IT service and improve the fusibility and effectiveness of the system

  • DB Management

    Establish DB management plan and execute across DB standardization, data search/modification and access control, data overlap control, tuning, backup and recovery

  • Network Management

    Design and establish network based on client needs and support network related technology consulting and supervision as well as establish and apply network maintenance strategy

  • Business Architecture

    Create new businesses based on task model understanding, task process, function, and data structure understanding through leading customers and offer business architecture model.

  • Software Architecture

    Establish SW architecture strategy and constructs SW components and member relationships so that project members can build application with a united vision

  • Data Architecture

    Analyze data requirement, suggest data architecture design principles and standards, read integrated data modeling and systematically construct corresponding business' total data from an integrated point of view in order to maintain the optimum database quality.

  • Technical Architecture

    Stable management, technical support and project problem-solving across IT infrastructure established in a project, including system design, server optimization, DB optimization, network analysis/design, security, etc.

  • Quality Management

    Design quality objective and fulfillment methods based on product and service's quality characteristics and follow plan to verify and confirm and assure quality

  • Solution Development

    Develop new service model based on understanding on solution technology and market trends, and design and consult on related system

PJT Development
  • PJT Business Management

    Establish process plan on project range, time, budget and quality; and control and manage the project progress based on it, including delivering internal/external resources

  • Contract Management

    Manage across establishing client negotiation / contract strategy, reviewing contract condition and deducting risk items, analyzing on change order effect, and plan issue reaction

Business Development
  • Business Planning

    Discover new business through customer / market analysis and prepares the groundwork for business execution

  • Sales / Marketing

    - Discover new business based on business strategy, set objectives and use optimum resources to execute business activities
    - Design and execute marketing strategy and assignment, including discovering national and international markets and creating pricing per service line and sales channel strategy

Management Support
  • Plan / Development Management

    Defines company's vision and direction for management activity, establish and monitor short/midterm objectives and execution plan

  • HR

    Execute human resources and education related fields, including hiring, assessment, compensation, promotion, and company culture

  • Finance & Accounting

    Strengthen the company's financial structure and provide valuable financial information necessary for proper decision making