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SW/Application Development

By analyzing current industry trends and future outlook, Miracom develops and provides various software and applications in order to address customer needs ensuring continuous customer growth within a complex business environment.

Especially the mobile industry is experiencing a very fast technology progress and quick changes along with a steady growth. The practical use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is nowadays an inherent part of our everyday life and mobile became even indispensable in working environments such as IoT, Smart Office, and Smart Factory.

Reflecting ever-changing market and technology related changes, Miracom disposes of a well-experienced mobile technology expert group providing development and operation services of various SW, Firmware, Contents, Service, and Applications embedded in digital devices.

Defined by Gartner as a leading Best-of-Breed MES vendor, Miracom offers an optimized module-based MES solution leading to cost reduction and efficient customization capabilities based on comprehensive solution expertise.

Miracom mobile service image


Embedded SW Design & Development

- Middleware, Application Design & Development for Smart TV

- STB (Set-top box) Device Driver Development

- Application Design & Development for Printer

- Embedded S/W Test Tool Development

- S/W Development for loT (Internet of Things) Devices

Mobile Device Platform & Application Development

- Mobile OS/Platform (Android, iOS)

- Application Development for Mobile Devices

- Mobile Hybrid Web Development

Mobile Web based B2C Service Operations

- Amazon Cloud Infra Implementation/Operation (Store, Hub, Support, Social Contents Services)

- Mobile/Web Application Development/Maintenance (

- Platform Service Operation (Account, Billing, SPP, Big Data)

PIMS/Messaging based Service Analysis/Development

- PIMS System Design, Analysis & Implementation for Mobile

- App store, Mobile Desk, SNS Service Design/Analysis & Implementation

-  (Group) Intranet Service Development/Operation

MES Solution Design & Development