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Total ERP Service

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a suite of integrated applications that consists of various functional modules in business process chain such as production, purchasing, inventory / control / order / supply control, customer service and others. It also includes finance / accounting and human resource modules.

Miracom provides SAP specialists for each module and have of deep knowledge of the latest SAP technology. We provide total ERP services starting from business analysis consulting up to system design, implementation and operation. Miracom has successfully completed ERP PI / implementation projects for Samsung group's affiliates.

Miracom helps clients to strengthen their business competitiveness by improving clients' IT system and level of resource utilization based on accumulated know-how and industry / business specific expertise.

This is ERP service image.
ERP service integrates management processes such as management, sales, production, materials, and accounting in the enterprise.
Business processes are linked organically, from material input to payment, centering on integrated database.The management includes sales such as tax bills issued and payment transactions.The sales includes product in product cost calculation, release in statement issued,PO, shipping request in maximum amount guaranteed & check of financial standing and money collection in collection history.The production includes material input in material price calculation, production in product/WIP evaluation, and material billing such as budget check.The materials includes material income, material discharge in material price calculation, material order and payment request.The accounting includes production, delivery and collection such as incoming payment are performed.

What we do

ERP system environment analysis consulting

Prepare a master plan to implement process innovation and enterprise-wide information system Present To-Be models of application systems and information technologies Develop detailed roadmaps for design and implementation phase

ERP system PI / implementation using SAP solutions

Apply the most suitable solutions based on customer requirements System related customization, analysis, design, implementation & test

User training and system stabilization support

Apply proven methodologies with project references in various industries

ERP system diagnosis and assessment

Analyze clients' ERP system utilization level and pain-points using checklist

Advise clients of target process and system to improve and provide an action plan