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ICTO (ICT Outsourcing)

ICTO means that customers entrust Miracom with their ICT system which is safely and systematically operated and maintained.

By entrusting their ICT system and related complex problems, customers can minimize costs occurring in the ICT sector and maximize overall enterprise efficiency by only focusing on core businesses.

Based on diverse experiences and know-how gained from many global operation businesses within Samsung Group affiliates, Miracom offers efficient and reliable services fully addressing customer requirements, providing future values and ensuring customers' global competitiveness.

Achievement of customer objectives & increase of business efficiency - Increased stabilization of application operation - Enhanced business efficiency, Strengthened operation service quality. Miracom ICTO Service-Operation Level - Improved business efficiency and IT AMS level through systematic operational management, Zero defect rate through efficient prevention activities. Operating System - Quick response through operational resource backup system, Solving specific problems through collaboration with infra operation organization. Error Response - Removing error elements in advance through regular preventive inspection, Ensuring ability to cope with emergency situations. Quality Assurance - Improved operation service quality through compliance procedures in accordance with international based operational management standards, Maximize customer satisfaction by providing high quality services.


System Analysis / Design / Improvement

Optimized system architecture provided based on business requirements which are analyzed in accordance with changes of customer business processes

System improvement through performance monitoring of existing systems and issue tracking

System Development / Test

Quality improvement through design specifications and standardized development & Defect Zero through Test scenario for each case

System Operation / Management

Establish efficiency improvement and stabilization methods by analyzing business processes and system

Infrastructure Management

Establish and apply strategy for Network & DB Architecture design/implementation, analysis & improvement

Infra (server/network) implementation management & work execution of cloud service infra