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SI (System Integration)

SI (system Integration) shall help to improve customers' business efficiency and to boost competitiveness by developing and integrating tangible/intangible system resources (HW/SW/Network) and implementing an optimized information system.

Miracom offers deep know-how of various industries accumulated in many system development and solution implementation projects at various Samsung affiliates (Electronics/Manufacturing, Chemicals, Service, Finance, etc.) and also comprehensive expertise related to the latest ICT technology trends. Based on that, Miracom analyzes customer requirements and provides premium customized services to increase customer values by ICT system implementation (Architecture & design, development, and test of detailed modules) and efficiently integrating dispersed systems.

Based on industry-specific expertise, Miracom creates customer value and supports customer growth by developing an ICT system optimized for each industry. Furthermore, Miracom helps customers to maximize the efficiency of their information system only focusing on the performance outcome by offering specialized capabilities to smoothly implement the SAP solution based ERP/BA system and in-house developed MES solution based MES system.

Analysis-Environment Analysis, Status Analysis, Best Practice Analysis, Improvement 
Methods. To-Be Design - KPI Definition, To-Be Process Design, Improvement Analysis. System Implementation Planning - Gap Analysis & Action Plan, Establish Development Standards, Establish System Implementation Plan, System Architecture Design. Implementation - Functional Design, Org Structure Design, Establish Migration Planning, Establish Test Planning, Test - Integration Test, User Training, Migration. Stabilization - Stabilization Support, Final Inspection


Optimized system implementation through analysis of customer needs and processes

Optimized To-Be System Model Design & System Development based on analysis/design of customer business environment and business processes.

Implementation of integrated information systems based on specific solutions

Implementation of ERP/BA system increasing customer information utilization and production management system optimized for manufacturing customers based on SAP solution and in-house developed MES solution.