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Nexplant MESplus Alpha Edition brochure brochure download


Increase your manufacturing competitiveness with just a reasonable investment.

The core idea of MESplus has been implanted into our Nexplant MESplus Alpha Edition® targeting small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

Nexplant MESplus Alpha Edition is an integrated manufacturing management system for small and medium-sized companies.

Optimized for production processes of small-and medium enterprises, MES key functions such as Lot tracking, WIP/inventory management, process management, data collection, production data analysis, and report can be used at reasonable prices.


Optimized standardized platform for SME

Standardized Report
Immediate usage of standard report without additional development efforts
Standardized Operator OI
Intuitive and easy data input considering the convenience of on-site operator
HW & Platform SW standardization
Optimized standard specification based server, OS & DBMS are provided as All-In-One package
Proven functionality & safety
· MES solution developed based on MESplus® which has been proven by various domestic and oversea leading manufacturing companies


Providing a stable system operation, Nexplant MESplus Alpha Edition is built on a 3-tier architecture consisting of DB Layer, Business Logic Layer, and Client Layer.

Nexplant MESplus Alpha Edition consists of a server and a client, and communication between server and client is done via HTTP.  

The server includes WAS (Web Application Server) and DB (Database), and the information exchange between WAS and DB is enabled through JDBC Driver. The server provides business logic and data to the client.

Clients can perform business logic provided by the server through a web browser or Rich Client. The screens provided by Nexplant MESplus Alpha Edition clients include UI (provided by the web browser for the setup), OI (provided by the rich client for the operator screen) and Report (analysis screen provided via web browser).