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Nexplant MESplus Alpha Edition Cloud brochure brochure download


Unlike the traditional way of implementing MES, our cloud-based MESAlpha offers the flexibility to scale down and up based on your needs and requirements.

The advantages of our cloud-based solution go beyond the obvious. MES key functionalities can be easily used at reasonable prices. The pressure of initial investments and system operational costs can be dramatically reduced and obstacles (△ lack of management resources △ increased maintenance fee △ lack of system flexibility △ insufficient follow-up processes △ reduced efficiency vs. investment) which small-and medium sized companies often face can be easily avoided.

Major Features

Miracom Cloud MES provides various features such as minimized investment costs for HW & SW implementation, providing latest SW & server assuring stable performance in terms of architecture, support from Miracom IT experts for efficient system/service operation management, offering key functionalities of our MES solution as a service

Target companies for Cloud MES

Pay as much as you need with Cloud MES, optimized for small and medium-sized enterprises lacking of proper IT infrastructure, technical personnel and requiring limited MES capabilities. It’s a best fit for the following companies.

Manufacturers without dedicated manpower in production management system

Companies with high burden on the high initial implementation costs

Companies implementing MES for the first time or only focusing on core functionality


MES application and data are managed in the Cloud Center in a stable and safe way, and can be used by connecting to various devices at the manufacturing site.

PC, KIOSK, Mobile, Bar Code Reader, Standard Printer, and Bar Code Printer can be found as on-site devices.