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Nexplant MESplus Alpha Edition Cloud brochure brochure download


MES is focusing on operations management optimization at the manufacturing site in terms of real-time process control, history tracking, status check, and error management. MESAlpha provides various MES functionalities optimized for SME businesses resulting in an increased ROI. By implementing MESAlpha, right decision-making is supported by rising the effect of plant operations and enables an efficient production management through immediate usage of on-site data.

Maximize operational efficiency and increase revenue

With MES, companies can maximize manufacturing operations efficiency and expect revenue growth.

Maximize efficiency of manufacturing operations
  • Optimized standard processes, system platform application
  • Production lead-time reduction
  • Maintaining low WIP/inventory level through efficient resource management
  • Product defect reduction, optimized decision-making support
Business Risk prevention, increased revenues
  • Increased reliability of on-time delivery
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance level
  • Reduction of product liability risks
  • Reduction of production operation costs, increased ROI

Reduction of IT investment costs

A completed system can be fully within a short time used without the burden of initial implementation costs.

Costs related to HW, SW, and development efforts can be minimized resulting in reduced SW maintenance and operational costs.

Stable system operation & improvement support

Up-to-date system can be used in an optimized way without worrying about service operations.

Reliable performance is assured when using Cloud MES through continuous upgrade & technical support by Miracom’s IT experts.