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Main functions

MES service

Production Management

Lot processes starting from work start up to work end are standardized.

Materials Management

Materials IN/OUT management function used in production processes is provided.

EQ Management

Actual equipment status and operating records can be checked and analyzed by executing and managing equipment related repair & maintenance processes.

Quality Management

By recording the data measured during the Lot production process, you can check if the Lot has been manufactured according to exact specification. Furthermore, error occurring during production or repair history will be recorded, so that manufacturing operation related error & repair history can be analyzed.


By using SPC control charts and histogram, data measured during Lot production can be statistically analyzed and process related problems can be detected.


Various data arising from manufacturing site can be analyzed. A standardized report is provided which can be used without any additional customizing efforts. Regardless of that, Report can be directly processed by using Microsoft Excel Export function.

Master Data Management

Master Data needed for production, materials, equipment, and quality management can be registered and managed. Main Master Data are related to product, process, flow (Production Mgt.), material, warehouse (Materials Mgt.), measurement data (Quality Mgt.) & equipment (EQ Mgt.).

Operation & support service

System Monitoring & troubleshooting

System infra monitoring (HW, OS, DBMS, etc.), response to error occurrence

Operation of MES application

Operation status monitoring of MES service response to error occurrence, application patch & upgrade

DB operation

DB management (backup, tuning, etc.)

Counseling & education

Technical Q&A and user training provided