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As a sophisticated monitoring system, Nexplant FMB efficiently visualizes accurate and easy-to-understand information related to company resources and various business information in real-time. It can be easily interfaced with data of various external business systems and is designed in such a way that no additional coding and programming efforts are needed.


Ease of Design
Provides a standardized configuration menu and various shortcuts allowing quick and easy monitoring designing
Provides various functionalities and performance testing tool for a dynamic monitoring board simulation
Effective monitoring
Improves monitoring capabilities by utilizing a variety of visual effects, sounds & video clips
Enables realistic design by using various symbols such as flexible pipes, shapeless and polygonal icons
Overcomes monitoring space constraints by providing mobile applications
Operations Management
Provides interlocking function preventing the spread of Bad queries
Provides remote monitor management function enabling the control of various monitor installed in different places
Expands usage scope to the internet by using web-standard protocols
Push-pull data collection functionality
Offers Messaging middleware adapter structure enabling easy integration with various messaging backbone environment


- Web standard protocol - Web standard communication method is supported via HTTP protocol. - Designer & Monitor based on RIA (Rich Internet Application) is provided. - Applicable in main web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) - Multi-platform client - FMB Clients can be operated in the multi-platform environment shown below. (AIR runtime, Mobile, .NET framework) - Based on .NET or Web, FMB Clients can be used while embedded in an existing Legacy system. - Structure of messaging middleware adapter - Adapter is used for linkage with various systems. - Built-in adapter to connect with Middleware like Highway101, TIB/RV, IBM MQ, etc. - Easy implementation of flexible system configuration based on web service. - Database update - FMB database update supports the connection to various relational database used in enterprises. - Scheduler Query can be easily registered in FMB Server Management page