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Main functions

Equipment Remote Control Management

Remote equipment monitoring & control through internet - Multi-Fab support

Definition of SECS/GEM/HSMS Message

Definition of SECS/GEM/HSMS Log using Drag & Drop Message Library
Copy & Paste function for each Message
Copy & Paste function for each Message
Various Object Properties provided to remove additional Coding
Standard SECS/GEM/HSMS Message Library provided

Definition of PLC Map

Free definition of Bit and Word area
Quick Map definition function provided by using Copy & Paste

Definition of Equipment Transaction

Condition formula defined based on SECS⁄GEM⁄HSMS Message Item & Item mixture
Various conditional expression and priority function provided
Mapping Multi-message to one Transaction

Definition of Equipment Scenario

Same Readability like real equipment process flow provided
Callback connection function provided
Efficient Locking supported for data integrity and convenient modifications

Definition of Data Collection

Various information-oriented functions configured in Development Kit
Structure definition of user-defined data collection
Variable List & Item techniques implemented
Various component properties supported for formatting of collected data

Data Definition between Equipment and Upper Systems

Support of various automation components and consistent communication by supporting standard data conversion components Data encoder & decoder supported
Standardized Callback Function Skeleton defined through Stub Generator

Virtual Test

Easy to create virtual equipment using Log
Configuration of various virtual scenarios and test support

Test Log Management

Hex & SECS-II Log provided
Word Data mapped in Bit Event provided
Various development support and management function using Log file

SECS & PLC Driver

High-capacity, high-speed communication provided
Late component creation methodology supported for easy user programming

EAP Communication Trend Analysis

EAP communication trend analysis & statistical calculation
Reporting function using EAP Log Analyzer