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Main functions

Resource Allocation and Status

Location Management and status update provided for all production resources (EQ, Tool, Carrier, etc.).

- Master Data & Status Management of all production line resources possible
- Equipment Event & Status Management
- Life Cycle Management of Tools & Carrier
- Real-time equipment status monitoring through EQ I/F

Maintenance Management

Management of EQ preventive Maintenance, maintenance scheduling and maintenance history provided.

- Managing scheduled maintenance (day, week, month, quarter, half-year, year and a non-regular)
- Calendar & Alarm function provided related to preventive and general maintenance
- EQ History Management & Data Analysis

Data Collection

Parameter data of each operation collected during production can be saved.

- Data needed for LOT processing are collected and archived
- Data are collected and archived during resource operation
- Formula provided to calculate collected data Spec Check function for collected data

SPC(Statistical Process Control)

Measurement data collected from production site are analyzed in real-time for proper production quality management or to detect critical problems.

- Online/Offline SPC function (Control Charts, Histograms, etc.) provided
- Xbar-R, Xbar-S, XRS, P, Pn, C, U, Zbar-S, Delta-S Chart provided
- Spec Mgt., Automatic calculation of Control Limit provided
- OOC (Out of Control), OOS (Out of Spec) function provided
- Various alarm methods provided (mail, message, SMS, etc.) & Action (Hold, Skip, Rework, etc.) provided

Web Report

Real-time Web Report or Production Status Report in Batch format provided.

- Various query conditions of production performances provided
- Loss/Hold/Rework related Report and Yield Report provided for accurate Quality Analysis
- Resource uptime analysis related to productivity analysis & Cycle Time Report of each operation provided
- Lot/Resource History query function provided for traceability
- Various Summary, Production Report provided

Performance Analysis

System performance analysis & process monitoring provided.

- Nexplant MESplus Server Process Monitoring
- Database Table Space Monitoring
- Disk Status Monitoring
- Log Analysis & Transaction Performance report provided

Data Archiving

For optimized performance, unnecessary data are deleted in your database and respective backup function is provided.

- Relationship between each table, and delete conditions of respective tables can be defined
- Simple backup function provided (data backup after deleting from DB)
- De-Archive function provided with which backup data can be re-loaded to the DB