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MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an integrated manufacturing system focusing on real-time shop floor monitoring, control, logistics, history tracking and product quality management with the objective to improve productivity and business results. MES provides useful information for production optimization and keeps track of all manufacturing data in real-time. As a standardized integrated information system, MES does not only serve as a information hub between various enterprise systems (ERP, QMS, EAM, SCM, and Automation), but also manages and optimizes day-to-day factory operations providing detailed insight into various manufacturing processes.


Powerful Nexplant MESplus Package
Nexplant MESplus Package solution already applied and proven in various industries
Continuous product upgrade & development
Outstanding scalability (scale up & scale out) according to system size
Nexplant MESplus can be combined with other in-house developed solutions to create synergy
Easy customization by using Attribute of Customized Field, GCM table and other Key Items
Global Standard Based
In compliance with MESA standard regulations (MESA model) supporting MESA's Quality & Regulatory Compliance Strategic Initiative
Multilingual support (Korean, English, German, Chinese, Japanese)
Industrial Knowledge Based
Industry-specific templates available which can be easily applied at production site
Provide in-depth technical know-how and expertise in various manufacturing industries
Unique Management Methodology Applied
Systematic project approach and execution based on MSIM (Miracom Solution Implementation Methodology)
Total Solution delivery capability assured from Consulting up to S/W services


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