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Nexplant QMS is an Integrated Quality Management System providing data collection and monitoring functionalities of all information arising from various manufacturing processes. Efficient analysis functionalities are provided minimizing quality issues ultimately resulting in reduced production costs and a more efficient productivity.


Various graphic functionalities for data visualization

- Pie chart, bar chart, trend chart, histogram, scatter plot, box plot and user customizable graph forms.

High level of analysis and statistic functionalities for advanced analysis

- Process capacity analysis, SPC, MSA, DOE, and commonality study

Independent data management engine built-in

XML based query management

Diverse analysis and data access control available through option settings for each user

Easy extension of additional equipment including servers


The Nexplant QMS Architecture is designed based on the following configuration elements. - Various Framework based modules can be integrated and separately implemented - Various DBMS (Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, Sybase) environment supported & Multi Connection support - Optimized data extraction method is applied for the implementation of timeliness analysis data - Engineering View method is applied to guarantee the performance level adjusted to each phase (data extraction / conversion / loading) - Enhanced development efficiency and improved system quality by applying standardized Framework - Easy to add new modules / high scalability - Easy to interface with various external system by applying EAI solution - Fault Tolerance: Maximize stability of system operation through Load Balance function